Tuesday, 28 April 2015

From the Journal of Jack Simpson World War 1 Medic

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli
10  May 1915

Today was the worst day of my life.  My best friend has been shot in the chest.  I’ve known him since I was five. He was my first friend at school. 
Me and Duffy have just found him today. There was heaps of blood.  It was horrible because of all of the blood and it had dried up.  There were thousands of flies.
I have saved about 14 people with Duffy and I found four that had died.
I can smell heaps of smoke from all the guns firing bullets.
I wish I could go home because of all the people dying and all of the blood.  I miss having clean clothes and sleeping in my comfy bed.

By Flynn 

Friday, 24 April 2015


Self Portraits  

At the end of the term we did some self portrait painting.  We looked at the style of Matisse who liked to use patterns in his backgrounds.
We also used elements of shape, space, line, texture and tone.

Year 4 Learning Celebration Term 1

This term the year 4 classes have been learning about Chickens.  Each week we take turns to feed, water and collect their eggs. 
We have also been studying chickens as part of our topic.  We began by answering some true and false questions to see what we already knew and then we completed a Solo hexagon activity to see how many of our ideas about chickens linked together. Did you know dinosaur skeletons are very similar to birds?

We have learned about the body parts of chickens and how to label a diagram.  We found out that a chicken has many different types of feathers including hackles, sickles and fluff.  In room 12 we have done the life cycle of a chicken.  The hen sits on her eggs for 21 days before they hatch.  The chicks are fully grown after 4-5 months and females can start laying eggs from 6 months on. 

We are really looking forward to doing some baking and cooking with eggs next term.